Retreats, courses and workshops to enhance wellbeing, promote positive thinking, reduce stress and encourage personal transformation.

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New MindSpa Retreat Day Announced!

20th April, Toddington Park, Bedfordshire

MindSpa Retreat Day

A full day devoted to you! Recharge your batteries, reboot your brain and renew your outlook in beautiful surroundings in our in person events all around the country.

Be the Best You

Join us for a 6-week course to boost your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

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Recharge, Reboot, Renew

Take time for you to focus on your self-care. Looking after yourself helps you look after others.

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Our team of wellbeing experts

Julia Coggins, 


Julia is a coach with a passion for positive psychology. She enables people to make transformative change to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Katie Duffy, 


Katie is a solution focused therapist who is fascinated by the brain and how understanding it can help people be the best version of themselves.

Emma Campbell, Associate

Emma is a business coach and food lover who empowers people to understand the connection between mood nutrition and wellbeing.

Emily Pool, Associate

Emily is an independent financial planner who focuses on creating a purpose to wealth building, and developing resilience to financial shocks.
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