Investing in the wellbeing of your staff has many benefits. 

We bring decades of successful experience working in HR, Facilitation, Positive Psychology, Coaching and Wellbeing.

Our mission is to help your staff, learn, grow and flourish.

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At MindSpa we are happiest when we are helping people improve their wellbeing.

We love it.

A happy workplace means:

 Improved productivity

 Increased motivation

 Higher levels of engagement

 Better retention

 Boosted morale

 Increased creativity

We tailor our wellbeing services to suit you and your organisation.

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Positivity Power Hour

Lunchtime Sessions to Revitalise Wellbeing at Work


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Wellbeing Away Days 

A whole day to feel inspired, uplifted, and resourceful.

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Wellbeing Workshops

Recharge - Reboot - Renew - 3 Sessions to supercharge the team.

Positivity Power Hour

During the lunchtime session your staff will:

Discover how to create their own wellbeing toolkits to be happier at work and at home

Learn 3 simple scientific ways to train their brains to be more positive and overcome the negativity bias

Start to feel more satisfied with life and be inspired to take ongoing positive action

Wellbeing Away Days

Take your staff out of office so they can come together as a team, boost their wellbeing and work on creating a wellbeing plan for the next 12 months.

We tailor the day to suit your needs. Some ideas of what we can include are: 

Reenergising your team by focusing on your values and how they put them into action at work

Rediscovering the key strengths of each team member, and focusing on how they can maximise them to solve problems and improve productivity

Enjoying a deep relaxation session, stretched out on yoga mats, while you all float away and recharge your batteries

Rebuilding team resilience or learning positive approaches to stress to make work a happier place

All these actions will enable you and your team to build their own wellbeing toolkit.

Your team will leave the day feeling inspired, uplifted, and resourceful.


Wellbeing Workshops 

3 Sessions – 2.5 Hours per Session

Offering more time than the lunchtime positivity power hour, this programme will help your staff recharge their batteries, reboot their brains and renew their positive outlooks.  

Session One - Recharge

We will introduce your team to positive psychology, the science of happiness, the PERMA model, the Wheel of Wellbeing, and the benefits of creating a more positive mindset.  

We will look at how each person defines happiness and what it means to them. We will move onto thinking about what it means to people to recharge their batteries, and how they can recharge their batteries using positive psychology techniques, focusing on the Wheel of Wellbeing.  We will finish by everyone choosing 3 actions that they can put into practice.

Session Two - Reboot

We will start by reflecting on the actions taken since session one, what worked, what didn't and what could be done differently.  

We will look at how people can reboot their brains.  We will look at core values, which are the engines that drive us. We will talk your team through some exercises on savouring and appreciation.  We will have time to practice these so your team can understand what works for them.  We will finish by choosing 3 actions that they can take away and put into practice.

Session Three - Renew

We will start as before, by reflecting and reviewing the actions taken since the last session.  

We will look at the strengths of each team member (strengths are each person's superpower). We will look at how team members can use their strengths more at work and at home, to solve problems and achieve their goals. 

We will have a think about how you can cultivate optimism.  We will round off by reviewing what we have looked at over the 3-session programme and set goals for moving forward.

The outcome, your team will have created their own wellbeing toolkit, helping them flourish at work and at home.