— Who are we? —

Our mission is to create a shared experience for women 
who are looking to get the very best out of life

Julia and Katie are friends who have lots in common but one of the biggest things is that they love to help people. MindSpa was built when the pair felt that after COVID they wanted to reach out and connect with women who were facing struggles in their lives.

Julia Coggins, Co-Founder

Julia uses her energy, curiosity and compassion to empower people to:

  • Build Confidence
  • Achieve Clarity
  • Set Goals and Take Action

She is an empathetic and enthusiastic coach who draws upon Positive Psychology tools and techniques and NLP strategies to inspire people to regain control, and grab life with both hands. Enabling people to take the steps needed to move forward with their lives, becoming the best version of themselves.

Julia has 28 years experience in Human Resources & Learning and Development as well as:

  • Certificate in Coaching (NCFE)
  • Mental Wellbeing Lead
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Personal and Development, Chartered MCIPD
  • Counselling Skills Level 2 (CPCAB)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner (PPD)
  • Mentor with MIND
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Barefoot Coach

Katie Duffy, Co-Founder

Katie is a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychoanalyst based in Hurstpierpoint. Katie specifically chose to train in solution focused hypnotherapy because with this way of working clients do not have to revisit past trauma. 

The process starts from where you are when you meet. How fantastic not to have to go over past situations or experiences before being able to move forward? You have coped with and survived everything from your past. Katie helps you to access your inner resources to achieve realistic goals moving forward. Under hypnosis, your imagination can be guided to enable you to achieve the outcome you want. Katie's results have been transformative and the results really do speak for themselves.

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Some of our other facilitators:

Emma Campbell, Coach

Emma is a business coach and food lover who empowers people to understand the connection between mood, nutrition and wellbeing.

Emily Pool, Financial Planner

Emily is an Independent Financial Planner who focuses on creating a purpose to wealth building, and developing resilience to financial shocks.
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